Dal Trentino

Finca Corahe is a coffee with a lot of history.

Finca Corahe is a coffee with a lot of history. We produce a coffee made with talent, passion and a lot of family heritage. Grains of this paradise nestled in the mountainous area of the state tell the story of the Córdova Arroyo: that of our Italian great-great-grandparentswho settled on land Veracruz to cultivate coffee plantations in the nineteenth century and whose knowledge was transmitted from parents to children, until we get to be the fourth generation in this crop.

In our beginnings, we carried out the washin process, which to be carried out it is necessary to use large amounts of water, in addition, that the water residuals of this process generates enormous problems to the environment, therefore that the availability of this vital liquid is decreasing, and having the mission of creating a sustainable coffee growing and sustainable, four years ago we decided to design and build a cherry coffee dehydration equipment in which we could control all the variables, to obtain a differentiated and high quality coffee, with a standardized process. Thus, our process called Natural Honey was born.

Also in the social issue we focus on generating sources of employment especially for women, originating from the same community. With them we make the first selection; what is in cherry to remove immature grains, leaves, stones, etc. and in the final stage in green they also make manual selection, guaranteeing a high quality in the cleaning of each of our lots.


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